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Teachers' Circle English P1

Teachers' Circle English
Josephine Wong
Primary 1

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A distinctive feature of this series of books is the FOCUS page – an annotated section with comprehensive marking of sample pupils’ work. Recognising that Revision Papers are the most practical and constructive practice for improving pupils’ performance in examinations, we have included the expertise of teachers to provide guidance in explaining common errors such that pupils can answer examination questions competently and effectively.
Teachers' Circle English P1


Teachers’ Circle is a series of books written  in accordance with  the  latest MOE syllabus.  Each  book  comprises  revision  papers  with  questions  and  passages carefully selected by teachers to:

  • Familiarize pupils with   the examination format.

  • Provide timely revision for major school examinations and assessments.

  • Reinforce  English  fundamentals  and  help  pupils  successfully  master comprehension and inferential skills often tested during examinations.

  • Increase  pupils’  awareness  of  different  text  types  and  to  employ  the  use  of context-based vocabulary effectively.

Focus Page – an annotated section with Comprehensive marking of sample pupils’ work. 

  • Consists of In-depth Analysis and Explanation of common errors made by pupils.  

  •  Extra Practice Questions are provided to highlight correct answering techniques and increase familiarity with selected question types. 

  • Sample marking by teacher and Teachers’ Remarks arm pupils with component-based skills to answer individual sections of the English examination correctly.

Answers with Detailed Marking Scheme are included to aid parents in marking pupil’s  work  accurately.  Devised  based  on  actual  marking  schemes  produced
with the expertise of school teachers, it offers parents a plausible gauge of pupil’s performance and progress. Model essays are available online to be downloaded.

Revision Papers  are  the most  practical  and  constructive  practice  for  improving pupils’ performance and competence under examination conditions.

Oral and Listening Comprehension components  are  included  in  selected papers to give students a thorough practice of all components tested in the PSLE
examinations.  Suggested answers and prompts  are  provided  for  the  picture description  and  conversation  sections  as  a  guide  for  students  to  hone  their  oral

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