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Mastering Cloze Passage Primary 2

Mastering Cloze Passage
Alice Kong, Jesslyn Poh
Primary 2

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Quick Overview

Each book in the series comprises the following features:

• Thematic Approach in the assembly of cloze passages helps to create a
greater awareness of context in the pupil, which is vital for pupils to do well in
cloze passages, and to build up a specialised vocabulary word bank.

• Intensive Practices with carefully crafted questions sharpen pupils’ skills in
understanding the context of passages and help pupils to be more discerning
in their choice and usage of words.

• Progressive Levels of Difficulty – The cloze passages are written in
progressive levels of difficulty, from the easy to the challenging, to hone pupils’
skills progressively and build up their confidence gradually. The last level of
difficulty in each book aims to prepare pupils for the next academic level.

• A Score Record is provided for pupils to record their achievements in the
practices so as to accurately monitor their own progress.

• The Final Revision Unit and Ultimate Challenge are included to provide
additional practice and help pupils to gauge their mastery in tackling the
Cloze components.

To do well in cloze passages, pupils not only need to be able to read and understand
written text passages, but also be aware of how particular words are used in specific
contexts. This series of books aims to help pupils become discerning users of the
English language who can understand the true meaning of words and how to use
them appropriately.
Mastering Cloze Passage Primary 2


This series of Mastering Cloze Passage books is specially written to enhance pupils’ competence in tackling cloze passages by providing them with intensive practice in the different formats of the Cloze component. It covers an extensive range of themes to arouse pupils’ interest in acquiring general knowledge and broadening their vocabulary.

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