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Just Oral and Listening Comprehension P5

Wendy Hemsworth
Primary 5

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2-in-1 Just Oral and Listening Comprehension Practice provides a comprehensive package of 8 Thematic Practice Papers, 1 Revision Paper and a Companion CD to help pupils develop their aural and oral skills in this often-neglected component of the English Examinations. Themes for each paper are carefully selected to refl ect topics commonly tested in schools and national examinations. The Listening Comprehension Section in each paper aims to equip pupils with the skills to comprehend the spoken English Language effectively.
Just Oral and Listening Comprehension P5


Comprising  8 Practice Papers  and  2 Companion CDs,  Just Listening Comprehension is a comprehensive package that is designed to help pupils score well  in  the  listening  component  of  the  English  Language  Examination.  Adhering closely to the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s (SEAB’s) assessment
objectives,  this book provides ample practice  for pupils  to  learn how  to  identify main ideas and recall details from aural passages.

The  book’s  features,  as  described  below, were  contrived with  the  aim of  giving pupils sufficient preparation for their Listening Comprehension assessments.

  • Multiple text-types,  including  narratives,  news  articles,  advertisements,conversations  and  factual  texts,  allow  pupils  to  acquaint  themselves  with  a variety of spoken texts so that they will be able to understand their content at both the literal and inferential levels easily. 

  • Classic Literature Texts have been carefully selected and included to provide pupils  with  early  exposure  to  literature  so  as  to  better  prepare  them  for understanding and studying English Literature at Secondary Level.

  • Graphic options such as maps and diagrams are used to ensure that pupils are comfortable with interpreting the information with which they are presented, as well as to familiarise them with the standard school assessment format.

  • The Companion CDs give pupils the opportunity to complete the practices under simulated examination conditions, while the Teacher’s Script gives pupils and  their guardians  the ability  to analyse mistakes made, as well as allow  the guardians  to  guide  pupils  in  learning  the  proper  pronunciation  of  the more difficult words.

  • A  value-added  feature,  What to Expect for English Listening Comprehension Examinations,  has  been  specially  included  in  this  book. This  section  introduces  various  useful  approaches  for  tackling  the  listening component in school examinations and thus paves the way for pupils to obtain better grades in their examinations.

The capability to understand the spoken word is a skill that cannot be underestimated. As such, Just Listening Comprehension serves not just as a guide to facilitate
pupils in scoring well for the Listening Comprehension component in examinations, it also brings out the adept listener in them.

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