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Grammar & Punctuation P6

Grammar & Punctuation
Carol Chin
Primary 6

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English Grammar consists of the fundamental system of rules and principles for speaking and writing  in  the English  language. The correct usage of Grammar  in English  reflects  the learner’s  mastery  of  the  language. As  such,  Grammar  is  an  indispensible  component  in the English Syllabus set out by MOE and an integral component which is tested  in school assessments and national examinations. 

Grammar & Punctuation P6


English Grammar consists of the fundamental system of rules and principles for speaking and writing in the English language. The correct usage of Grammar in English reflects the learner!s mastery  of  the  language.  As  such, Grammar  is  an  indispensible  component  in the English Syllabus set out by MOE and an integral component which is tested in school assessments and national examinations.

Punctuation is also an important aspect of the language, especially in writing. Placement of punctuation marks in inappropriate places in a sentence or using inappropriate punctuation marks  could  alter  the  intended meaning of  sentences  and  lead  to  erroneous  expression of  ideas. Thus  it  is essential  that pupils master  the correct usage of punctuation  in  their writing.

This series of Grammar and Punctuation books aims to give pupils the practice they need to  learn  the  fundamentals of  correct Grammar  and Punctuation  usage  through  intensive practices of carefully crafted Multiple Choice Questions.  

The books consist of the following features:

  • 6 Units consisting of 33 Practices in total, with each unit focusing on a different type of Grammar item, serve as drills to allow pupils to familiarise themselves with the common types  of  Grammar  MCQs  which  they  would  usually  encounter  in  school  tests  and examinations. Each Practice also includes a Punctuation MCQ section to provide pupils with intensive practices on the use of commonly tested punctuation marks.

  •  6 Revision Exercises, one at the end of each unit, test the pupils! understanding of the entire unit as well as permit them to further practise what they have learnt. 

  • The Ultimate Challenge unit helps prepare pupils for the more advanced questions in school  and national examinations. This  segment  also  allows  them to practise  applying grammatical and punctuation rules in more complex situations.

  • A Final Revision section with four tests at the end of the book gives pupils a chance to check their own progress as well as gauge how they will fare in an actual examination.

As the adage goes, "Practice makes perfect". By mastering the correct usage of Grammar and Punctuation, pupils can look forward not only to attaining full marks for the Grammar and  Punctuation MCQ  sections  in  the  school  examinations  and  the  PSLE,  they  can  also pick up much valued skills which will aid them in writing English texts and using the English language fluently in their everyday lives.

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