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Distinction in Science P3 & P4

Distinction Series Science
Jesslyn Poh
Primary 3
Primary 4

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Unique to this series is the Million Dollar Question segment which has been formulated with reference from past year papers of top schools. Students who are able to complete these kinds of questions with ease will have no problems scoring well. This is because the Million Dollar Questions are the types of examination questions that are typically designed to challenge even the best pupils. These questions require the careful application of process skills and test pupils’ understanding of concepts, as well as their ability to integrate knowledge and given information to obtain the accurate answers.
Distinction in Science P3 & P4


Distinction in Science Revision is a series of books aiming to help pupils not just to pass but to do so with flying colours. Written in line with the latest MOE
Science syllabus, this book comprises Revision Papers specially designed to help pupils:

  •  Establish familiarity and ease with the examination format and knowledge of the different types of questions to expect.

  • Reinforce their understanding of scientific facts and build a strong foundation in Science.

  • Acquire and develop proficiency in the application of process skills, namely: observation, measurement, comparison, classification, analysis, prediction, evaluation and communication.

Million Dollar Questions assess the ability of pupils to combine their scientific knowledge with the application of higher-order process skills. In order to obtain the right answers, pupils will need to adopt a systematic and careful approach in accurately interpreting and using the data given in the questions.

Detailed analysis and explanation of how the answers can be obtained are provided in the book. This serves as a step-by-step guide for pupils to achieve understanding and hone their skills in answering such questions.

Practice makes perfect! Through regular practice, pupils will develop confidence and competence in tackling examination questions with ease.

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